The IGH team incorporates a set of skills that are globally unique, developing the most appropriate response for all medical problems in Indonesia. Choose from our plans here
This Insurance product offers financial protection to the building that have been affected by accidental loss and/or damaged caused by fire, lightning, explosion and impact of falling aircraft, smoke, riot, flood, and earthquake.
IGH Family Plan will cover you, your spouse, and your children in the event of injury or illness. IGH is committed to supporting you and the little bubs in the unfortunate event of anything happening.


With the Premier Blue Ribbon plan at Third Millennia Health you can choose to be covered worldwide, with comprehensive access and coverage at any hospital and full ongoing cover for persistant problems, without time or financial limitation.
With the PremierNet plan at Third Millennia Health you will receive comprehensive coverage and benefits at a premium price by choosing from a selection of hospitals we have networked for you.
A product developed specifically to provide high quality cover at very affordable prices for the Asian region. Additionally, we offer both Home & Contents and Group & Corporate options to service your needs.
Comprehensive insurance for your home and your car developed and administered in country with Indonesia’s second largest insurance company.
We specialise in group and corporate health cover, providing personal service to each of your employees when they have need.

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