In the past 35 years of living in Bali, we have all seen and heard of the stories of people who have suffered unusual events whilst undergoing treatment locally. Unfortunately stories of medical misadventures are common here. We are the team that facilitated the response to the Bali bombing, and we know how important it is to have real help at the most crucial of times. Our mission is to ensure that the treatment received is appropriate and effective.

We have dedicated ourselves to developing a globally unique service proposition based on over twenty-five years of facilitating best-case outcomes. World's top insurers back us, and underwrite us for the service we developed specifically to resolve any problem that occurs here. Once signed up to IGH, you will receive well-considered advice on what to do, where to go, and how to proceed from the team who have the most extensive experience in resolving every kind of medical problem that has occurred in Indonesia for almost three decades.

The IGH team incorporates a set of skills that are globally unique, developing the most appropriate response for all medical problems in Indonesia. Choose from our plans below:


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