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Why Third Millennia Health?

For over 20 years, we have been looking after and protecting the health of individuals, families and groups from around the world in Indonesia. With the introduction of Third Millennia Health we are proud to offer a range of insurance plans designed to reflect the unique conditions and respond to the challenges in Bali, around Indonesia and other parts of Asia. Read More
  • We were the first providers of Health Insurance in Bali in 1987
  • We are not Insurance brokers, we represent the community
  • Our policies are custom designed for this region and we have extensive experience of Bali’s medical facilities
  • We maintain a 24/ 7 advice and consultation line on island
  • We operate in full compliance with regulations for Insurance in Indonesia

Our Products


The IGH team incorporates a set of skills that are globally unique, developing the most appropriate response for all medical problems in Indonesia. Choose from our plans here
This Insurance product offers financial protection to the building that have been affected by accidental loss and/or damaged caused by fire, lightning, explosion and impact of falling aircraft, smoke, riot, flood, and earthquake.
IGH Family Plan will cover you, your spouse, and your children in the event of injury or illness. IGH is committed to supporting you and the little bubs in the unfortunate event of anything happening.


With the Premier Blue Ribbon plan at Third Millennia Health you can choose to be covered worldwide, with comprehensive access and coverage at any hospital and full ongoing cover for persistant problems, without time or financial limitation.
With the PremierNet plan at Third Millennia Health you will receive comprehensive coverage and benefits at a premium price by choosing from a selection of hospitals we have networked for you.
A product developed specifically to provide high quality cover at very affordable prices for the Asian region. Additionally, we offer both Home & Contents and Group & Corporate options to service your needs.
Comprehensive insurance for your home and your car developed and administered in country with Indonesia’s second largest insurance company.
We specialise in group and corporate health cover, providing personal service to each of your employees when they have need.

Our Testimonials

First I want to thank you since as you know you were completely right when you suggested that we rushed p to Singapore when I first called you. Thanks to common sense and intuition as well we finally did it and here we are with a very good Doctor who we trust fully. As Antonio told you we have been informing your company every day and hope that on Monday Vivilate responds as it should and takes care of expenses etc. Sunday 26 February 2017.. ( NB : this was an issue of the heart requiring immediate surgical intervention) Thanks once again everything went fine intervention and coverage Kind regards

Ana Tuesday 28 th February 2017

If you are looking for an insurance while living in Bali this is the place to be. I had motorbike accidents, surf related herniated discs, artificial disc implants, ruptured tendons of the bone, you name it... Before you start building your pool or renovate your newly rented villa, get yourself insured. Your body is your best buddy in the end… These people are my Guardian Angels since I came to Bali a long time ago. Hang loose and keep on living.

EJ October 2016

I thought I'd send you a message to say that I finally got out of hospital in Sydney last weekend after 16 days from touching down and heading straight to emergency. I ended up having 3 surgeries on my back to clear heavy infection. Literally Richard if I left it another 1 or 2 days the infection would of over come me and hit organs so yes very glad I got out when I did and thank you very much for your guidance! Enjoy and take care. Once I gain the all clear next week I'll be heading back to Bali shortly after. Thank you so much for all you guidance and support. I hope you have a fantastic weekend... Thank you!

SK September 24 th

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work during that difficult time last week. It wasn’t easy for any of us but you pulled through and got the plane organised and resolved all the problems that being in an area remote from good hospitals with a badly broken leg in West Java presented us with. Thank you for going the extra mile and ensuring that I got the surgery I needed even though my passport was in immigration. Good on you

Dustin Humphrey March 2015

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